Residents must be heard on Whitmore Square development


Candidate for Adelaide City Council, Robert Simms has joined with local residents in declaring his opposition to a proposal for a tower in Whitmore Square, which has so far been developed without public consultation.

The proposal (reported in The Advertiser on Tuesday) would see Starfish Developments construct a large apartment tower on the corner of Wright and Morphett Streets.

“I’m concerned that if this development goes ahead it would have a big impact on residents, casting a shadow over their homes and distorting the look of the Square. It would be completely out of step with the low-density heritage buildings in the area,” said Mr Simms.

“This proposal is the latest product of the State Government’s undemocratic planning process, which allows the interests of big developers to trump those of the local community.”

“It’s critical that the community be included in planning decisions such as this. I stand with the South West Residents Association in opposing this plan and call on the developers to go back to the drawing board and consult with local residents,” he concluded.

* You can read the statement from the South West Residents Association here.

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