Making Adelaide a leading Sustainable City


My vision is for Adelaide to become a leading sustainable city, not only by playing our part in tackling climate change but by creating a more aesthetic and liveable urban environment for residents and visitors to enjoy. If elected to Council I will:

– Campaign for an ambitious city-wide renewable energy target (60 per cent by 2020) and lobby Council to negotiate with renewable energy providers to offer discounted energy prices to city residents and businesses who sign up;

– Advocate for the development of a Green Roofs and Walls Policy encouraging urban forests to improve air quality, clean storm water, provide natural insulation and promote more aesthetic urban landscapes;

– Promote more fast build, sustainable modular or ‘prefabricated’ housing (in keeping with the look and feel of the city) to reduce the environmental impact of construction while improving housing affordability;

– Stand up for our Parklands and campaign for increased funding to support community gardens throughout the city;

– Encourage smart design principles with more open roads that reduce traffic and congestion by providing space for bike lanes, pedestrian access and public transport, and;

– Lobby to bring back Tindo, Adelaide’s iconic solar electric bus.



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