Don’t miss your chance to vote!


Votes for Adelaide City Council elections must be received by the 7th of November – which means if you want to have your say on the future of our city, you have only 24 hours left to complete and post your ballot papers.

How do Adelaide City Council elections work?

If you live or own a business in the city or North Adelaide (and are on the electoral roll) you are eligible to vote. You would have received ballot papers in the mail last week. These must be posted back by the 5th of November (to ensure they received in time for counting on November 8).

Your ballot pack will contain a ballot for the following positions:

– Mayor (1 position to be elected)

– Ward Councillors (2 positions to be elected for South and North or 3 for Central)

– Area Councillors (4 positions to be elected).

How do you vote for Robert?

To vote for me you need to fill out the ballot for Area Councillor. There are 9 candidates and to cast a valid vote you must number at least 4 in the order of your preference. To vote for me for Area Councillor you must VOTE 1 SIMMS and then number at least 3 other candidates in the order of your choice as demonstrated in this diagram:


Voting is optional but I hope you take this opportunity to have your say on the future of our city!

* Authorised and written by Robert Simms, 239 Wright Street, Adelaide SA 5000


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