Rainbow Crossing for Adelaide?


Adelaide City Council will investigate the potential for a permanent rainbow pedestrian crossing to celebrate LGBTI culture, following the passage of my motion last night.

My motion that administration bring back a report that investigates locations, costs and approvals required for a permanent rainbow crossing in the city was supported, 7 votes to 4.

The potential for a rainbow crossing has generated significant media interest and community debate. Here are some of the highlights:

Ron Hughes, Blaze, ‘Adelaide City to Consider Rainbow Crossing’, 28 January 2015

Petra Starke, The Advertiser, ‘Just Paint The Town Rainbow,’ 24 January 2015

Ron Hughes, Blaze, ‘ A Rainbow Crossing for Adelaide?,’ 20 January 2015

– Robert Simms, Gay News Network, ‘Can Adelaide Have a Rainbow Crossing,’ 3 February 2015

– Interview with ‘Pride and Prejudice’, Radio Adelaide, 5 February 2015

rainbow crossing story

From The City (4  February, page 9).


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