RSPCA backs call to ban animal circuses on the parklands


The RSPCA says Adelaide City Council should develop a policy to prevent live animal circuses on the parklands. I agree and plan to move on this at a future Council meeting. Read my comments to the ABC here.


Push to ban animal circuses on the parklands


Two circuses using live exotic animals are coming to the parklands later this year (photo: The City). When this came before the Economic and Community Development Committee I expressed concern for the welfare of the animals involved. I plan to initiate policy change to deal with this issue at a future meeting. You can read more about the debate in The Advertiser.

Councillor’s Update (Edition 5)

150313 100 DAYS_highlights

Welcome to the 5th edition of my E-Newsletter! During March I’ve had the opportunity to soak up the festival season and I continue to be impressed by the talent and enthusiasm of the arts community in our city.

Council recently clocked up 100 days in office. The above graphic highlights some of the things I’ve been working on since my election last November. My thanks to everyone who has supported and encouraged me on the journey so far!

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Plan for Council to divest from fossil fuel


Today I spoke to InDaily about my plans for an Investment and Procurement policy for Adelaide City Council. Part of the policy would include Council divesting of any investments in financial institutions that have investments in fossil fuels (eg: banking and Council’s nominated superannuation provider). The divestment campaign is gaining momentum interstate and overseas and it’s time for Adelaide to play its part. You can read more about my proposal here.

Parklands dry zone extension?


Last night Council’s Infrastructure and Public Space Committee voted in favour of a recommendation to extend the Dry Zone for a further 6 months. The matter will go before Council next week. I opposed the recommendation as the preliminary report (page 30 of Agenda) stated that the Dry Zone is simply displacing anti-social behaviour to other parts of the city and not addressing the root cause. In particular, I am concerned that this law and order approach may be further marginalising vulnerable people. Some of my comments were reported in The Advertiser.