Parklands dry zone extension?


Last night Council’s Infrastructure and Public Space Committee voted in favour of a recommendation to extend the Dry Zone for a further 6 months. The matter will go before Council next week. I opposed the recommendation as the preliminary report (page 30 of Agenda) stated that the Dry Zone is simply displacing anti-social behaviour to other parts of the city and not addressing the root cause. In particular, I am concerned that this law and order approach may be further marginalising vulnerable people. Some of my comments were reported in The Advertiser.


2 thoughts on “Parklands dry zone extension?

  1. Good work on this Rob. Is seems bizarre that the report found the Dry Zone to be just displacing the behaviour (as you predicted when this first came up) but then recommended it’s extension. Is the Preliminary Report available publicly?

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    • Hey Dom – thanks. Yes, the findings are certainly ‘vague’ and inconclusive at best. The report is available on page 30 of agenda (sorry I don’t have as a seperate phf). Cheers, Rob


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