Food trucks fight back


Adelaide food trucks spoke out against changes to the city’s mobile food vendor program at a Council meeting on the 28th of April. I spoke to InDaily about my concerns that any changes to the existing system may push food trucks from our city and stiffle innovation. Indeed, Council’s economic modelling did not support the argument that food trucks are damaging bricks and mortar businesses. You can read the full article here.

Councillor’s Update (Edition 6)


Welcome to the 6th edition of my E-Newsletter! This has been an interesting month on Council, with the announcement of the retirement of our CEO and a debate about the use of the parklands for circuses featuring live animals. I have decided to issue e-newsletters on a monthly basis (with regular updates provided on my website between issues). Does this work for you? Please do let me know what you think!

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‘Animal circuses on the Park Lands are now an endangered species’


My motion for Council to develop a policy banning animal circuses from the Park Lands was narrowly defeated on Tuesday night. Instead Council asked administration to prepare a report investigating the implications of any prohibition. I plan to move on the issue at a future meeting and hope to win support for a ban before the 2016 circus season. It is clear that community opposition to animal circuses in Adelaide is continuing to build…

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$1 Million Greening Plan


Last year I successfully moved a motion asking administration to develop a report looking at opportunities for rapidly greening the city, including green roofs and walls and tree planting. The proposed Greener Streets Program provides an opportunity to position Adelaide as a leading sustainable city and I’ll be advocating for it to be funded in the next budget round. You can read more about the plan in The Advertiser.

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