Royal Croquet Club to remain in Victoria Square for 2016


The Royal Croquet Club will remain in Victoria Square for 2016 with some improvements to community access and amenity, following a resolution of Council last night. Given their desire to expand, from 2017 the RCC operators indicated they will look for another venue in the city that better suits their needs.

 While reduced operating hours were proposed in the lead up to the meeting these were not put before the Council chamber. Instead, a motion requesting that the RCC not be allowed to remain in the square from 2017 was put but following some debate, Council agreed to a compromise motion that we instead note the RCC’s intention to leave Victoria Square and work with them to find an alternative site should they wish to do so. Council did not however mandate that they leave the square in 2017. 

I am supportive of improving community access and amenity on Victoria Square, however I did not want to see Council forcing the RCC from the site or impeding their business by imposing operating hours that were too restrictive. I am relieved such an outcome did not eventuate. I hope Council will continue to encourage large scale events in the city while working with fixed businesses to ensure they maximise the benefits that can flow from the Festival season.

Here are some of my comments on the importance of major events like the RCC in Adelaide:

– Anthony Templeton, ‘Adelaide City Council Could Force Royal Croquet Cub Out of Victoria Square,’ The Advertiser

– Walter Marsh, RCC Faces New Restrictions,’ Rip It Up

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