Council triples green scheme


Adelaide City Council has tripled funding for its Solar Incentive Scheme with eligibility criteria expanded to include schools, businesses and office buildings. This provides a real opportunity for Council to work with the business sector to reduce emissions in the city and I was delighted to support the expanded scheme at last night’s meeting. You can read more about it in this article on InDaily. 


Councillor’s Update (June 2015)


Welcome to the 7th edition of my E-Newsletter (June 2015). This has been an interesting month on Council, with the finalisation of our provisional budget for the coming year, increased community debate about the State Government’s O-Bahn plan and a push for more events in the West End of the city.

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The City’s Green Future


Council’s $1 Million Greener Streets program (in this year’s provisional budget) will fund demonstration projects for more green walls, roof top gardens and tree planting throughout the city. It’s a chance to really position Adelaide as a leader in sustainability. I spoke to the Adelaide Review about the benefits of the Greener Streets plan and the opportunities that lie ahead. You can read the article here.

Horse racing to return to Victoria Park?


The Committee for Adelaide has floated the idea of returning horse racing to Victoria Park. I’m not in favour of this proposal. While I support more events in the city, I don’t want to see a return to horse racing and think we should look to the future rather than the past. I shared my views with Channel 7 news. You can watch the story here.

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Rise Above The Pack


I’m proud to support the YWCA’s ‘Rise Above the Pack’ campaign promoting respect for women among men in Adelaide. All too often women are encouraged to change their behaviour to remain safe but it is men who need to change. Check out the Rise Above The Pack website and this article in The Advertiser for more information on this important campaign.