Council triples green scheme


Adelaide City Council has tripled funding for its Solar Incentive Scheme with eligibility criteria expanded to include schools, businesses and office buildings. This provides a real opportunity for Council to work with the business sector to reduce emissions in the city and I was delighted to support the expanded scheme at last night’s meeting. You can read more about it in this article on InDaily. 


Bring the party to the West End


At the Council meeting on May 26, I moved a motion asking administration to inventigate opportunities for more events in the West End. This was the subject of a story in The City (above). You can read the full text of the motion here.

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Food trucks fight back


Adelaide food trucks spoke out against changes to the city’s mobile food vendor program at a Council meeting on the 28th of April. I spoke to InDaily about my concerns that any changes to the existing system may push food trucks from our city and stiffle innovation. Indeed, Council’s economic modelling did not support the argument that food trucks are damaging bricks and mortar businesses. You can read the full article here.