The City’s Green Future


Council’s $1 Million Greener Streets program (in this year’s provisional budget) will fund demonstration projects for more green walls, roof top gardens and tree planting throughout the city. It’s a chance to really position Adelaide as a leader in sustainability. I spoke to the Adelaide Review about the benefits of the Greener Streets plan and the opportunities that lie ahead. You can read the article here.

$1 Million Greening Plan


Last year I successfully moved a motion asking administration to develop a report looking at opportunities for rapidly greening the city, including green roofs and walls and tree planting. The proposed Greener Streets Program provides an opportunity to position Adelaide as a leading sustainable city and I’ll be advocating for it to be funded in the next budget round. You can read more about the plan in The Advertiser.

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Prefab housing needed to address homelessness


Homelessness represents an ongoing challenge for our city and there is a shortage of long term affordable housing options and accommodation for people in need. With prefabricated (or modular) housing we could build more affordable housing for half the cost and in much less time than traditional housing construction.

If elected I will lobby Council to set targets for prefabricated housing to encourage this kind of development.

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Accessible Adelaide


As South Australia’s Capital City, Adelaide should be leading the way when it comes to accessibility and setting a benchmark for other cities to follow. By building a more inclusive and accessible city we can make Adelaide an even more desirable place to live, work and visit.

If elected to Adelaide City Council, I will advocate for:

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Residents must be heard on Whitmore Square development


Candidate for Adelaide City Council, Robert Simms has joined with local residents in declaring his opposition to a proposal for a tower in Whitmore Square, which has so far been developed without public consultation.

The proposal (reported in The Advertiser on Tuesday) would see Starfish Developments construct a large apartment tower on the corner of Wright and Morphett Streets.

“I’m concerned that if this development goes ahead it would have a big impact on residents, casting a shadow over their homes and distorting the look of the Square. It would be completely out of step with the low-density heritage buildings in the area,” said Mr Simms.

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