Royal Croquet Club to remain in Victoria Square for 2016


The Royal Croquet Club will remain in Victoria Square for 2016 with some improvements to community access and amenity, following a resolution of Council last night. Given their desire to expand, from 2017 the RCC operators indicated they will look for another venue in the city that better suits their needs.

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Bikeway Backflip?


Last week Council’s Economic and Community Development Committee recommended that ACC investigate redesigning Frome Street to provide for two driving lanes during peak hours. I voted against this motion and would rather see Council focus on rolling out new cycling infrastructure.

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Horse racing to return to Victoria Park?


The Committee for Adelaide has floated the idea of returning horse racing to Victoria Park. I’m not in favour of this proposal. While I support more events in the city, I don’t want to see a return to horse racing and think we should look to the future rather than the past. I shared my views with Channel 7 news. You can watch the story here.

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Rise Above The Pack


I’m proud to support the YWCA’s ‘Rise Above the Pack’ campaign promoting respect for women among men in Adelaide. All too often women are encouraged to change their behaviour to remain safe but it is men who need to change. Check out the Rise Above The Pack website and this article in The Advertiser for more information on this important campaign.

Food trucks fight back


Adelaide food trucks spoke out against changes to the city’s mobile food vendor program at a Council meeting on the 28th of April. I spoke to InDaily about my concerns that any changes to the existing system may push food trucks from our city and stiffle innovation. Indeed, Council’s economic modelling did not support the argument that food trucks are damaging bricks and mortar businesses. You can read the full article here.

$1 Million Greening Plan


Last year I successfully moved a motion asking administration to develop a report looking at opportunities for rapidly greening the city, including green roofs and walls and tree planting. The proposed Greener Streets Program provides an opportunity to position Adelaide as a leading sustainable city and I’ll be advocating for it to be funded in the next budget round. You can read more about the plan in The Advertiser.

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